The real world is extremely different then what you ever thought it would be.

Everyone is suppose to be an equal, or so your taught. But that’s a lie. 
Everyone is suppose to treat others as they would want to be treats. But that’s a lie. 

Everyone is suppose to work to help each other and create a free world for all. But that’s a lie.

Every day I work to help those who are less fortunate and treated unfairly. I’m so fortunate to work with an amazing team however there is still questions for it all. Such as how come we can’t work more collaboratively to make the change we want?  Or how can we not treat each other with more respect? Aren’t we all here for the same reason? Why can’t we all work together?  It truly isn’t fair. How we all can’t come together to make the change that we all want to make. The change that we want to do together for those we are her to help.

It frustrates me to the max about how we can’t come together and be more united. With such a huge and important common goal that we are working on.

Hoping that one day we will be able to move forward with this front and become one. Creating a world were people are equal and treated as others would like to be treated.  Creating a free world where help is available.