It’s funny how family works.  They are suppose to be the ones who love you for who you are. The ones who support you in what you do. The ones who help you follow your dreams. The ones who help you stand up for the things that are right.  But it doesn’t always work that way.

I finally stood up for what was right and they instead stood up for the one who was wrong.  The one who cross the line. And then to top it off. They made sure that everyone knew it.  That instead of being a family who supports each other in making a positive change we are now a family that will hide the dirty laundry and ensure that we just pick up the ones who fall.  Over and over again. We’ll pick them up and still pretend that nothing is wrong. But I couldn’t do it anymore.

I finally stood up for what was right, but I didn’t get the support from my family to prove it.

And now. The best part is the stories that come after it.  The way they are twisted and pointed at me doing the wrong. And for them. They are picking up the one who continues to fall.  So now, the choices are to ignore it and pretend I was wrong. Or. Continue to stand up for what’s right.  And possibly lose my family.  The decision now is much more then it ever was before.

I finally stood up for what was right and now I might lose my family because of it.