Well the truth to the matter is that lately things got so overwhelming I didn’t know where to start. I have no idea what to say or how to say it. I literally would open a blank post and just stare at it. Then close it because it got to be too much and I was already overwhelmed.  

But now. I have a plan. I was pushed over the edge and astounded by how others treated me and the disrespect was surreal. It came to the point where I literally looked around and all I could say was “What The Fuck”.

So now it’s time to sort through this and determine what the next steps will be.  This will be happening in approximately 4 hours.  And the best part is that I get to walk in a play stupid but I’m so prepared nobody will know what just happened.

You are probably wondering how I can play the game this way, and well it’s simple really. This specific situation has to do with my project. It is something that specifically falls under my scope of practice and was given to me.  I have worked along side those in power and learned how to navigate the red tape process. With this I learned exactly what is needed at which step and who is involved and kept notes on what is happening.

But not everyone has been respectful of this. They have in fact went and discussed this project with others and made decisions that were not theirs to make. And still nobody had told me about the decisions being made for my project. Pretty sad how disrespected I feel. I was open and available to talk about this project and have taken time to consult with those who want to express an opinion. I took time to listen. I allowed for myself to educate those who did not understand.

Lucky for me, I have followed the red tape on this project so well that those involved kept me informed of what was happening behind my back. So now I know everything but yet know nothing because still nobody who made the decisions came to me. So today I will walk into a meeting blindsided by people who are suppose to support me. And unfortunately for them I will be shining the light right back on them.