This is the common story. Everyone has one. It’s the story of a broken heart.  This one isn’t the worst of them all. It’s just the beginning.  It’s the start of it. When you can start to feel the pieces crack. And if your not careful now the crack will keep going. And soon you will be picking up the pieces.

This is the worst time. Because half of you knows that it’s not ok. That it’s not ok to keep engaging.  The times you can feel your heart breaking. And it hurts in a way you can’t explain.  Everyone is telling you stop.  To protect your heart and yourself.

But you can’t. Every time you give in. You keep going and trying. Because all you want is to feel wanted and desired by the one person you want.

And in the end, you just continue to let the cracks build in your heart. Until eventually all the pieces fall.