Teams are the best was to work, in every way and at everything.  Being able to build each other up and support and lean on each other is the greatest feeling ever.

When it’s not good, is when people on the team don’t communicate and they start to compete with you. Competing on a team doesn’t help anyone. It results in everyone losing.    

Teams do not always start together, sometimes we have to join later on. And maybe that is the downfall, is that some people have a difficult time adjusting to the new skills that have been added to the team. Or maybe it’s that they don’t understand.  It’s truly a grey area, that makes it difficult for all.

The most frustrating part is trying to figure out how to fix the completion. Because in the end, we all have the same goal and we need to move towards that.

But how?  Because competing to prove skill is not going to help.   But going above can be demeaning.  And nobody wants to show they are above someone else or has more power.  We truly want to come together. But how?