Every day is made up of 24 hours and we as humans divide this time up to complete tasks.  Sometimes we manage to get our basic needs like sleep, eat, etc.  And then with the rest we work or play.  It’s a whole lot of time we get in one day, so we shouldn’t struggle with taking care of ourselves. But the funny part is, we do.

Some days I feels like time drags on and we have forever to eat or lots of time to sleep.  And these days we usually do complete everything and take care of ourselves in the best ways possible. These days we feel amazing and like we could take on the world.

The crazy days though are when we are taking on the world.  Those are the days when time flies and we dont make time to take care of ourselves.  We just push through and try to do all we can to pick up the pieces others dropped and help put them back together. Yet we let ourselves fall apart.

Can’t we find a balance? Can’t we take care of ourselves as we work to build up the ones who have been torn down?  Does this mean we need more time?