I’ve been pretty lucky with life.  I was always good with people and I found it easy. And those times I didn’t, I just moved forward or fixed the problem.  I never had to have others involved to fix the problem.  I just received advice and moved forward and grew.  And if it didn’t work, moving forward was what I did.
But being in the adult world makes things different.  There is really sides to everything.  And it is important to remember this. You are not alone. People care about you and are willing to stand up with you for what is right.  That’s a truly beautiful thing about it all.
That is what I need to remember.  Because when you have to figure out where you are on the social ladder, you have to face your fears. Confronting those who have affected you and your life in such a negative way is a huge fear of mine.  And now it’s something I have to do.
But at least with this fear, I have time to prepare myself and I know that people have my back.  I need to remember that I’m supported and that I’m not facing this fear alone.