It’s been too long. There is so much I want to say that I don’t even know where to begin. The emotions this week were overwhelming and it was almost too much. The weight of it all almost won and pulled me down.  But I think the part that still gets to me… is how unfair the world is.

When you grow up your taught to share. To be nice to others. To treat others how you would want to be treated.  That when you see someone going through a tough time you should ask if their ok. Or if they need anything. Or if there is something you can do to support them. Your taught to lend a helping hand and be kind to all. But when you grow up… you realize this isn’t how the world works. 

The world is full of people who are truly just there for themselves. They watch out for nobody. They don’t take time out of their day to check in on the ones who dealt with the ugly side of the situation.  They don’t offer to help. Instead they look out for themselves, and show no compassion for you. Doesn’t that just make the world ugly?  Doesn’t it make you angry that someone can be so selfish? Doesn’t it make you want to yell and scream at them to tell them to look at those that are affected around them?  Because I sure do…

Thankfully, the world is some what better because there are people who care. They are the ones who put their heart and soul on the line every single day.  And not for themselves. But for others. They put themselves last. They allow every other person to come before them. They make sacrifices for everyone else except for themselves. They are truly self-less.  Personal self care doesn’t exist for them on a regular bases.. because they are too busy trying to help everyone else.

Every single day I’m thankful for these people. Because without them could you imagine what this world would look like?  Without them there would be NO Compassion. NO Empathy. NO Healing. And everyone who was affected by the selfish people wouldn’t have a place to turn to. They wouldn’t have a person to help them get to the brighter times. They would be alone in the dark.

Now, my only hope is that those who are self-less can stand up to those who are selfish. To stand up and speak for those who can’t. And to help create a beautiful world again.