It’s funny how sometimes there is one person in the group who nobody really will be honest about when it comes down to it. The truth will come out eventually, just to those who are feeling the same way. Or the truth comes out when it’s too late.

The high and mighty hold power so it all make sense. They are the person everyone is afraid of. They ones who you can’t approach. The one who is up there and won’t ever come down. And why should they? After all nobody will challenge them….

But here I go. Putting my foot in my mouth again. Slam open the front door. And watch as the shock look appears on their faces are you say it out loud. The truth comes out.  I said it and there was no more holding back, because it was too late. It was out there. 

Looking back on it. The most shocking part of it all was the reply. It was the fact that I realized it had never been said before. The reply showed it all. I realized that we had all been whispering behind a closed door. That nobody wanted to open it and stand up for ourselves. I wondered if what I did was wrong. Did I need to go tell them to forget it and not to worry about it. That I would just deal with it and get through it all. Because I know I can. But at the same time. Is that what is right? Do I just deal and forget about it? Push through all the crap? Or do I keep standing my ground? Keep being honest and letting it out? Let myself be the one who slams open the door? Let the whispers stop and stand up?  Only time will tell, well that and my confidence in being able to stand up..