This past week was full of putting patients to the test as I dealt with a topic that affects all of us. It’s an easy topic to say. But to explain it could take forever and yet it affects each and everyone of us.  This is something that we all face but yet ignore until we can join in on what the bigger population has to say about it. Then we can become a part of the majority.  But until then we stay quiet and alone with our opinion and slowly make our way though…. just like a small little snail on the bottom of the big  ocean. 

STIGMA. What does that mean to you? Does it affect what you say? Does it affect what you do?  Does it affect how you form your opinion? Does it affect how you share you opinion?  And the most important question… Are you ready to be a person in society to fight against the rest and stand up against the stigma? 

Society needs one strong person to stand up and say what is wrong with the world and why.  This person generally stands up alone for the first time and then eventually others gravitate towards them.  The snail is no long alone. They become a terror of snails. They slowly move towards the change they want to see. They fight the stigma. They don’t let society and their views affect that they believe is right. They bring terror to the stigma and slowly bring it to silence. They are no long scared. They are the person for who they are. They stand up for what they believe in. They do not let their opinion become altered. They come out. They come out mad. They come out proud.