Every great storm has its own path in which it will create or destroy. With every storm we have to decide what we are going to look at what is coming. Creation or Destruction. Rainbows or Tear Drops.   Fresh new beginnings or an ending.  Every storm has a process. There is a still calm before the storm hits. This evening when I walked out of the office for the evening I felt it.  The calm. 

Tomorrow will be a day when the storm officially hits and together as a team we will be deciding what will come next. We will be watching the storm unfold and weathering through to help determine what will come next. But for me. I will be trying to watch. Avoiding the storm all together and watching, waiting to be called on.

Waiting to come in and support to make it through the storm. Waiting to work on helping with the fresh new beginning that is coming.  Waiting to prove that I am capable of being a strong support through the storm. Waiting to show that I am and can be an asset through this storm and the rest to come. Waiting to show that I can stand tall and with stand what is coming. Waiting to show that I can encourage new beginnings and help embrace a beautiful creation after the storm.

Hopefully this will be my storm. My storm to prove I can weather through the storm.