In every war there is a solider who gets lost. One who gets separated from his group. Have you ever wondered what they do when they realize they are alone?  That they are fighting a battle alone?  What goes through their head the moment they are walking up to an enemy’s group?  Do they try and change and adapt to what they were suppose to fighting against?  Or. Do they try and continue with their fight and stand for what they believe in?  Admit Defeat or Stand for the Change?

This week I have felt like the lost solider. The one who has to make the choice between admitting defeat or standing beside what I believe in.  Some people say it’s like being between a rock and a hard place. But I’m feeling like I’m stuck between two mountains and the climb is steep with way. And with this decisions I have people on both sides.  And I don’t feel like they are cheering. I feel like they are waiting for me to slip or fall. To make sure they watch the struggle I’m in for this decision. Initially, they looked like support. Like they would throw down supports and a helping hand. And don’t get me wrong. Some are. But they, unfortantely have to stand at the back. They have to ask those in front if they can support.  And why would they?  Support would be giving help and make the decisions less. And isn’t the point of the show suppose to be the thrill and excitement?  To wait and see what the person decides?

Same with the solider. The solider has to decide when he spots the group.  Is it worth the fight? The fight that could kill him but show that he stood for what he believed in.  Or Admitting Defeat that showed they have broke his will to stand for what he feels is right.