Through my last couple months I’ve noticed that one of my common connections with all of my clients is the fear of what other people think. Weather it’s when they are out and people see them. Or when they share their story. Or when they try and be true to themselves and someone questions them. And at first I tried to encourage them to just keep going.  To follow their dreams and ignore those who judge.  To stay true to themselves and push away from the norms society has set. Like why not?  Why be ashamed.  Why not push for what you want. You worked hard. Don’t let anyone take it away. 

And now. I can say back to them.  I get it. I know now that sometimes society wins. That you can’t stay true to what the heart wants. That sometimes your dreams and desires can’t come true. Society gets the final say. It’s the unwritten rules that you can’t break. Because the consequence is too much. Too much of what society controls makes for the unfair competition. That sometimes the battle is too much.

So many emotions to how this control has so much power.  It wins. People give up. The freedom of being true to your dreams isn’t really their. The potentional to try something new. The nerves to take a chance. It’s not there anymore. You can’t. Society takes it all. It’s greedy. And needs everyone to stay within the written rules. 

With that I have to admit defeat. And watch as society wins. Again.