Its officially the new year, and it has been 7 weeks at my new job.  And now it is just starting to feel real.  I was use to the 7 weeks of working as an Occupational Therapist (OT), but now I am just officially starting week 8, and its for real.  I am not leaving or to go back to class or head to another placement.  I am staying, I am keeping my clients, I am making long term plans.  Last week I stood up for a mom.  I pushed and cross boundaries to the point that I was unsure if I would have a job or not at the end.  I went over peoples heads and pushed to help a mom keep her son.  But in the end of it all, I received the greatest feedback from it all.  I watched as a mom who has endured so much trauma and had barely any hope started to gain the spark back in her future.  She started to smile again.  The spark in her eye came back and she started to gain hope.  She started to make a change for herself and her son, which was all possible because of the amazing team I get to be a part of.  I witnessed her make plans and start to think of goals that she could work on long term.  She wanted to make the change and be the people she has always wanted to be.  I was able to help her take time to better herself and take advantage of the options available to her.  Watching her grow so much in this past week and take so many new turns was inspiring.  She started to be open and honest.  Making changes and being true to herself.  It made me fall in love with my job and remind me that I am suppose to do this.  And in the end, hearing the boss say “You truly are one of us”, ended the week on a strong note.